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Psychotherapy Services...

Linda is an experienced psychotherapist who likes dealing with individuals and families. She has helped persons of all ages, from adolescents to adults to seniors. She combines many short-term methodologies, like Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Narrative Therapy, but takes the mumble-jumble out and really just focuses on positive conversations that bring insight and inspiration for personal change.

Linda allows clients to determine what they are comfortable with. She offers services in person, as well as session by phone and Zoom.  The room is set up to accommodate sitting more than 6 feet apart and provides adequate fresh air circulation. It is designed with biophilic principles that bring nature inside, with live plants, plant art, and plenty of the colour green. These aesthetics are known to lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improve well-being.

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YouTube Video Channel

Linda has been asked to describe her psychotherapy style and what makes it unique from all the other psychotherapists and social workers offering services. She describes herself as a developmental therapist who draws heavily on devlopmental stages of life from womb through death. She leans heavy on her trauma-informed approach that describes what could have happened and then helps individual reparent  themselves through the healing journey of life. You can learn more about her approach on her YouTube channel and weekly short psychotherapy videos describing what she says to clients and how she strives to help them reduce their suffering and struggle and being balanced and whole beings. 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Psychotherapy...

Linda offers EMDR Psychotherapy (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), which is an integrative psychotherapy approach to trauma. EMDR is an evidence-based approach that is proven effective in reducing distressing symptoms like panic and anxiety related to motor vehicle accidents, complicated grief, phobias, and other traumatic events. It is also effective for family members of dysfunctional parents and spouses who have mental health (including personality disorders) or addiction issues. Unlike talk therapy, EMDR involves using a Tac/AudioScan with pulsars or a headset that helps to reduce the emotional charge from traumatic memories. 


Consulting Services…

Linda specializes in talking about illness, death, and dying at all stages from diagnosis to death and grieving. She is knowledgeable about Toronto’s community agencies, home care services, and palliative care hospital units, as well as hospices and long-term care facilities. She helps families discuss difficult topics together and complete Advance Care Directives (living wills) and end of life wishes. She recognizes that it can be challenging to be open and accepting with illness, death and dying concerns. She is keen for everyone to feel more at ease around the topic of death and dying. She can help you make well thought out decisions for healthcare and end of life care. She can help you face your own fear of death, which often comes up when our bodies start to fail us and we’re experiencing disease and illness, including talking about death and dying in ways that they have never experienced with any other counsellor. 

Linda has a broad background in healthcare, and understands many of the decisions that a family addresses as someone approaches the end of their life. She is extremely practical and pragmatic, and can share these skills, ideally before a crisis hits and in preparation for changing needs. She is not afraid to say aloud what everyone else may be avoiding saying. She creates a space for individuals to identify what their wishes are and helps family members listen to and communicate this to each other.


Linda likes to help people with change and transition, which really covers just about everything in one's daily life. Examples of this: 

  • helping children become healthier teens and handle stress and anxiety better

  • navigating separation and divorce for teens and adults, as well as step-parenting and blended families

  • coping with job loss and moving on

  • maintaining intimacy in relationships as families change

  • regaining balance after a major traumatic event

  • recovering from trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 

  • learning Mindfulness Meditation to face fears and challenges

  • choosing healthy lifestyle habits and maintaining them

  • starting a mindfulness meditation practice to handle daily stress

  • accepting illness diagnoses and planning ahead

  • preparing for retirement and then implementing these plans

  • facing death and dying with dignity and curiosity

Linda Has Been Told by Others…

She is a strong motivator with excellent problem solving skills, and she helps instill hope for change in others. She creates a non-judgmental space for having conversations about what may be difficult topics for you. She understand many of the larger systems that impact on health, and helps figure out starting points. She welcomes ambiguity and conflicting emotional states, and embraces them as normal responses to complex and important questions. 


Her Goal for You…

She hopes you reach your potential in life, and she wants to be a part of your journey. Relationships are hard and it’s ok to ask for help to better understand yourself and your needs, and to learn how to communicate with others around their needs as well. She believes she can help you make your life more satisfying. She wants to help you deepen your relationships and live more fully. 


Fee Rate: $160 for 50 minute session (no HST)

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