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Linda F. Hochstetler

Social Worker / Psychotherapist / Consultant, MSW, RSW

Linda is a Registered Social Worker in private practice who wants to help you talk about living life more fully. She focuses on self-acceptance and compassion, and encouraging you to find your own priorities for your life. She will help you let go of limited thoughts about your self that hold you back, broaden the range of feelings that you are comfortable feeling in the body, and encourage you to match your actions to your values. She is an excellent problem solver and can help you listen to your heart and figure out what the next step is for you.

Clients tell her that she is open, direct, positive, empathic, and fearless about talking about difficult topics, She is a systems thinker, and is skilled at looking at context. She adds value to conversations by providing information about the health care system, the sick leave system, and the dying system. She works in a short to medium-term way that allows you to address issues without making a forever commitment to long-term therapy.

She has more than 20 years’ experience providing counselling and social work conversations and discussions. She is comfortable working with individuals and groups, including various family members. 

She is also a Buddhist meditation teacher and mentor to many persons involved in the death & dying movement who are trying to increase end of life options. She provides individual and group clinical supervision, including group Buddhist Psychotherapy Supervision.

Issues She Can Help You With

Death & dying
Grief and loss
Changing relationships
Making tough decisions

Who She Works With