What's a Tiny Home?

What's the big deal about a Tiny Home? The average person lives in a 2500 square foot house shared with one other person (especially after the kids are grown and have moved on) and spends about 30% of their income on housing, whether renting or owning. In Toronto, this number in 2017 for home ownership was 72%, an outrageously high number. Tiny Homes are loosely defined as anything smaller than 400 square feet. They are sometimes built on wheels or on trailers for easy moving. People put them on either owned or rented land, sometimes totally isolated and off the grid, and sometimes close to neighbours and sharing common areas like full kitchens, living areas, showers, and laundry. So the Tiny Home movement addresses 

Linda has joined the Tiny Home social movement because it brings together a lifestyle that she is intrigued by and represents her values well. She and her husband have built a Tiny Home that is 8 feet by 12 feet (total 96 square feet) and is built onto a trailer to be moved around as needed. They used a ZenSheds pre-fab model that cost less that $15,000 to build, and within 2 days it was built and had 2 doors installed. Further finishing is still coming as the weather warms up. They have placed it on a friend's farm for now and use it on weekends only. 


They are looking for other like-minded folks interested in putting together a co-living arrangement in the near future based around a cluster of Tiny Homes and some shared space somewhere in Ontario near within a couple of hours of the GTA. If you are interested in joining them or offering a possible site, please let her know.

To understand some of the many decisions one needs to think about in choosing a Tiny Home and the various options that she chose, consider following her Blog.

Ideal Tiny Homes Village

Interested in the Tiny Home Movement? We might have found a site for our vision of a Tiny Home Village based on a shared love of art, environment, and spirituality. Come learn more!

  • 52 acres

  • 60 plots for up to 250 sq ft each

  • Lake access to a small Kawartha lake

  • Hydro, sewage, water

  • 1.5 hrs from Toronto

  • $399/month for a 12 month lease + shared hydro

Tiny Home Gathering

If you're interested in learning more about the new Tiny Homes Village opening soon, come out!