Fitness and Exercise Program with Adrian Clark

My son, Adrian, has created a Fitness and Exercise program made of 30-45 minute workout sessions, with many different exercises to mix it up. He offers several different personal fitness services, including one-on-one accountability checks for diet changes (reduced snacking, carbohydrates, or alcohol) and coaching for these HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. He tailors them to your current fitness level, and the exercises require only a mat and light weights, if you have some.


Inhabit Pilates with Julia Wyncoll

If you prefer a group class to attend, you might want to join my friend Julia's group pilates classes. They are gentle and easy enough for anyone, regardless of your experience with Pilates. My favourite class is the Tuesday at 4pm class, that also includes a 10 minute HIIT session at the end. 


Children's Developmental or Educational Needs with Michele Du Maresq

Managing the pandemic with children doing online school work or staying home without daycare or babysitting services is tough on many parents. Consultations with Michele will teach you about kids' development needs from birth to high school. She specializes in special needs kids, and is creative in working with all kids. She can also prepare learning activities for kids not attending school in person. 


Mindfulness with Patrick Connor

Mindfulness is a great skill to learn to manage the stress and anxiety of a changing pandemic world. Group mindfulness classes are not allowed, but Patrick teaches one-on-one mindfulness with time to do the sessions together, but also talks about the process and what's coming up for you.

Supervision/Consultation Groups & Workshops

Setting Up a Private Psychotherapy Practice - Workshop

Date/Time: Friday, September 25, 2020, 1:00-3:00 pm

Location: On line - Zoom

Cost: $75

A how-to workshop for individuals who have graduated with a Masters degree that prepares them to practice counselling or psychotherapy and are interested in getting a jump start on their practice. 


  1. Requirements

  2. Paperwork forms

  3. Payment

  4. Scheduling plan

  5. Contact info

  6. Marketing

  7. Self-employment

  8. Supervision

  9. Resources for clients

  10. Support for online and in person sessions

Registration and fee payment required. Send etransfer and register to

Monthly Clinical Group Supervision:

1.5 hours, $75

- 4 persons maximum

- 3 groups with different days and times, with more groups, as needed

Email your interest in joining a clinical group to Linda Hochstetler at RSVP is always required.


All sessions are currently being offered on Zoom. Groups will resume in person in September if there is an interest in this. In person group would be held at the Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON M6R 2L8


Linda has 18 years of Clinical Supervision and Consultation experience, and she really enjoy working in groups. She is a Registered Social Worker (not a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO,) and she qualifies as a Clinical Supervisor, but not for the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy under recent CRPO changes. Documentation can be provided for any of these sessions.

Buddhist Group Training Sessions

Introduction to Buddhist Counselling

10 Saturdays; September 19 - November 21, 2020; 9:00am-10:30am online using Zoom
Sponsor: Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism (

This module is designed to provide basic Buddhist counselling skills to individuals with little or no clinical experience or training. It is intended to prepare participants to volunteer with Sangha members, friends, and family. No previous training is required.

This module includes learning about the following skills: attending, rapport building, use of silence, paraphrasing, reflecting, showing empathy, focusing the conversation, clarifying, appropriate questioning, and summarizing. Participants will learn to integrate Buddhist concepts into their supportive counselling conversations and will be encouraged to practice these skills in their many conversations. 

Registration fee is only $50 for the entire 10 week series, thanks to donations to the Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada. Please complete and submit an application by September 12, 2020.

Note: A second module will be available January-March 2020 on Providing Care to Seniors and Palliative Patients. This fall module, or its equivalent, will be the pre-requisite for the second module. 

Buddhist Contemplative Care at End of Life

Sponsor: Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism (

Coordinated by Linda Hochstetler, the teaching team will offer perspectives from spiritual care, social work, and nursing. 


10 Saturdays; September 19 - November 21, 2020; 1:00-2:30pm online using ZoomSponsor: Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism (

The curriculum of this module will follow the training guidelines of Hospice Palliative Care Ontario for volunteers. It will help people to better prepare themselves to service their Buddhist Sangha, as well as friends/family needs. Students are expected to have completed or are completing the Introduction to Buddhist Counselling Module or its equivalent.

Registration fee is only $50 for the entire 10 week session, thanks to donations to the Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada. Please complete and submit an application by September 12, 2020.

FREE Buddhist Counselling 

The Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism has been approved as the first ever Buddhist Contextual Education and Supervised Pastoral Education site. Students will complete their placements with TCAB at the end of their Masters in Pastoral Studies in Buddhist Studies at the Emmanuel College, affiliated with the University of Toronto. Linda Hochstetler, Co-Director and Teacher for TCAB, has been invited to be the Buddhist clinical supervisor for them, and this role is funded through the Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada. Students will be joined by other soon-to-graduate and recently-graduated psychotherapists and chaplains. Together, they will offer free Buddhist Counselling to anyone in the public for up to 12 sessions. To get on the waitlist for counselling services beginning September 2020, email directly.